Satisfaction as capital

Satisfaction as capital: empathy and knowledge of human nature are core competencies of modern hotel employees A satisfied guest is the best advertisement a hotel could wish for. If guests have felt comfortable during their stay, they like to come back and pass on their positive experience with a house. But dissatisfied guests also advertise […]

Everyday hotel life: it’s the little things that count

Many newcomers to the hotel industry already have an excellent assessment of what a hotel is all about. After all, most of them are also hotel guests on vacation and know what they want. The rooms should be comfortably furnished, clean, modern, and suitable for feeling good, the food buffet must be inviting, taste and […]

Small but nice

The two letters B&B have long become a fixture in the hotel, gastronomy, and tourism sectors. As an abbreviation for Bed & Breakfast, they stand for a special form of accommodation that is particularly popular throughout Europe. This article reveals what is hidden in detail and what is necessary as the basic equipment to get […]