Personal clothing in the hotel

Anyone who takes a look at the schools in Great Britain often turns up their noses in irritation: school uniform?! How antiquated is that… In the hotel and catering industry, on the other hand, wearing a uniform is a decisive quality feature. Personal clothing ensures a uniform appearance for the team. Besides, the outfit and […]

Hotel and Catering Overseas

Living in the United States of America is one of the greatest dreams of life for many Germans. Even in the lively hotel and catering industry, it is quite possible to find a job and move the center of your life to the other side of the Atlantic. However, this takes courage, patience, and a […]

Requirements for a job as a hotel clerk

To work where others go on vacation – that sounds like a wonderful dream to some. As a trained hotel manager, however, this is typical everyday work. They can be found in caf├ęs and restaurants as well as in-country inns, hotels, or health clinics and are the most important interfaces here, so that business runs […]

Warning from trainees

Trainees are obliged to acquire all the knowledge and skills required for the training objective. To do this, they have to attend vocational school regularly, follow instructions, and carry them out carefully, keep the report booklet properly and, above all, learn. Unfortunately, not all trainees adhere to the above. Obligations. This also leads to considerable […]