Everyday hotel life: it’s the little things that count

Many newcomers to the hotel industry already have an excellent assessment of what a hotel is all about. After all, most of them are also hotel guests on vacation and know what they want. The rooms should be comfortably furnished, clean, modern, and suitable for feeling good, the food buffet must be inviting, taste and be balanced. Then there is of course the service. It’s just nice to be greeted by name at reception and to meet the friendly staff. Many of the most important points are also given by the review portals and of course the test centers. But since these factors apply to everyone, there must still be ways to set yourself apart from the competition? This article takes a look at that.

Anticipation: being one step ahead of the customer

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There are of course certain options that allow you to anticipate what might be particularly important to the guest. Here it is sometimes a matter of proposing or making available to the guest materials or offers that make their stay easier:

  • Check events – a good hotelier knows which events are taking place in the city. Of course, it depends on the type of hotel guests, but you should know when trade fairs, large festivities, special events, or special concerts take place. Business guests can now be given direct tips on how to get to the trade fair in the best way or where to have a good and delicious lunch without the hustle and bustle.
  • Know the area – it is not uncommon for guests to arrive over two days just to go to a concert or event nearby. A good hotel is distinguished here if it can reveal offhand which train or bus goes to the site. City maps also help.
  • Cooperations – it is often possible for hotels to cooperate with local locations or even public transport. For example, weekend holidaymakers can get a cheaper ticket for the weekend by booking at the hotel.
  • Offers – it is also good to provide general entertainment. If current theater and event plans are available in the foyer, there is a city map including a timetable and employees simply help to find suitable entertainment, the guests feel well looked after.

Often it is small opportunities and thinking along in seemingly unimportant situations that the guest will remember. And everyone can put themselves in here. What remains positive in your memory: a shrug when asked which public transport goes to point B or a quick reaction with a corresponding result? Besides, you can of course also score points with your specialist knowledge if certain questions arise.

Small details make the difference

There are various ways to inspire guests during their visit or repeated visits. A guest who has already stayed at the hotel before is guaranteed to feel honored when the staff remembers their previous wishes. Such a request can simply be that the guest wants two bath towels. But small gifts are also available for new guests:

  • Chocolate – a small bar of chocolate on the pillow is almost mandatory. The chocolate paper can of course be printed with the hotel’s logo.
  • Greeting – it’s nice when guests are greeted in a certain way. It doesn’t need to be a big welcome present, it is often enough if a free drink is waiting in the room.
  • Seasonal – at certain times of the year a hotel should really show off. Of course, it is common for a Christmas tree to be in the foyer during the Christmas season, but how about sending the guest a little souvenir? A Santa Claus at Christmas, a small Easter basket at Easter, in summer it could be a small gift with a sample of sunscreen and refreshing towels. Many of these gifts can be used wonderfully as promotional gifts without the advertising being conspicuous. This also includes, for example, Advent calendars for guests, which are sure to bring joy in the run-up to Christmas.
  • Eating – hotels can really score points when it comes to mealtimes. Here, too, small gifts can be accommodated, but it is also possible to let your own employees or trainees do something. This can be a buffet in Christmas clothes, but also a summer holiday buffet, which is decorated with small umbrellas.

Responding individually to requests

Sustainability in everyday hotel life: a look behind the scenes

Of course, it is not the case that a hotelier has to fulfill every customer request. If a customer books a 2-star hotel and expects the facilities and service of a luxury hotel, the limits are clearly recognizable. Nevertheless, it never hurts to respond to the wishes of the guest according to the circumstances and possibilities:

  • Kindness – everyone is aware that the staff in hotels are often under enormous stress. Nevertheless, inquiries and requests from guests should be responded to with friendliness. A friendly “No, unfortunately, we can’t do that” is always better received than no reaction at all.
  • Keep a promise – if a guest makes a request and it is accepted, the promise must be kept. If you are asked for another towel, it should be brought to your room in a reasonable time.
  • Help – if a guest has questions or wants to go to an event, the staff should support them. Simply confirming that a taxi will be called is sufficient.

Of course, pure luxury inspires, but the majority of hotel guests have quite down-to-earth wishes in and of themselves. Smaller hotel rooms with urban street views are loved to overlook when the hotel staff alone makes up for the traffic. Anyone who finds a teapot instead of a coffee pot on the table at the second breakfast or is asked by the waitress which tea it should be today will not only start the day well but will also feel at home in the hotel.

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