Jobs as a maid or room boy: much more than just making beds

A career in the hotel industry is varied and interesting, but at the same time, it is exhausting. Above all, the job description of the chambermaid or room boy is tough, because here, in addition to high physical commitment, empathy and sensitivity are required. Chambermaids and room boys do a lot more than smooth a bed that has been ransacked by the night every morning. They ensure a pleasant living environment and with their job often make a significant contribution to the fact that guests can really relax during their stay. Also, chambermaids and room boys can be the first point of contact for personal contact with guests. A plea for a profession that is often underestimated.

A guest who feels comfortable will be happy to come back

The hotel room is the hotel’s flagship. This is where the guest usually spends most of their stay. It is his retreat in a strange environment, his privacy, and the place where the battery is recharged for the next day. That is why it is so important that there is always a real feel-good guarantee in the room. And they are the ones who are on duty every day to meet this requirement: housekeeping and room boy make sure that the guest in his room has nothing to complain about and can relax.

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This of course includes first and foremost cleaning the room. Anyone who chooses this job should have a certain affinity for cleanliness and at the same time a good eye for dirt and details. When entering a room, a good chambermaid can see at first glance where it needs to be done so that everything is in perfect condition after a job. It is important to adhere to exact time specifications and not to exceed the calculated time for room cleaning, even if the areas of application should be a bit more extensive. Often the maids and room boys only have a few minutes to clean the bathroom, make the beds, vacuum or mop the floor, tidy up the guests’ clothes and personal belongings, and, if necessary, clean the windows or the bedding switch. The correct assessment of when the beds should be freshly made or the towels replaced is one of the skills of a maid or a room boy. Of course, the guests themselves often express their wishes here, for example when the towels are placed on the floor after using them in the morning for room service. However, it can greatly contribute to the satisfaction of the guest if his needs are already anticipated by the staff and the fresh towels or clean bed linen have already found their way into the hotel room before they had to ask for them.

The maid and room boy should also notice technical defects or necessary repairs when cleaning the room so that they can be forwarded to the appropriate points in the house as soon as possible. Well-functioning housekeeping is therefore of inestimable value for a good house. Because only a guest who feels completely comfortable during his stay will be happy to come back.

The everyday life of housekeeping and room boy

Of course, cleaning the rooms and making beds are the daily focus of the work of a maid and a room boy. Especially in large houses, working in piecework can mean. The job involves a high level of physical exertion and applicants should be able to deliver consistently careful work even under severe time pressure.

Above all, making beds has not necessarily become easier over the years. In modern hotels, beds are now being used that offer the guest the highest level of sleeping comfort but can present housekeeping with a major challenge every day. As the heart of the hotel room, the beds have become more and more individual. Many bed manufacturers have long recognized the hotel industry as an important customer and have specialized in the development of particularly individual solutions for extensive contract furnishings.

Bed linen in hotel design, high-quality mattress protectors, interchangeable elements for the individual wishes of each hotel guest, and a wide variety of bed sizes do not make it easy to make beds as if on an assembly line. Should the duvet be thick or thin? Do you need special allergy bedding? Does the guest prefer certain materials for the duvet cover? Houses that want to offer particularly good personal service can hardly avoid these and similar questions today. For room service, however, the daily area of ​​responsibility has become considerably more extensive and the cliché of making beds in the chord can hardly withstand the actual everyday life of a maid or room boy. Creativity, an eye for details, and great care are required here so that the service offered by the house really arrives at the guest every day.

Soft skills are part of the job

A chambermaid or room boy must be able to do a lot more than just clean quickly and cleanly. The soft skills that go with these jobs are hard to underestimate. Empathy is just as important as a high degree of discretion. There is hardly a hotel employee who comes as close to the guest’s personal area as the ladies and gentlemen from housekeeping. Anyone who ensures order and cleanliness in the privacy of a guest every day learns a lot about how people behave once they are complete to themselves. Housekeeping staff in particular, who can look back on many years in the job, can report positive and negative experiences in this context.

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Often there is also personal contact with the guests. Then good manners, a polite and professional demeanor, and often extensive language skills are required. In business hotels and international hotel chains, in particular, chambermaids and room boys usually speak several languages ​​fluently, so that they are always available as a competent first point of contact for guests with questions and requests. Empathy and a good understanding of people can also be important in this professional field. It is often necessary to assess a guest within a few seconds to be able to react adequately to his behavior. A professional distance must be maintained at all times, no matter what concerns a guest has and how he brings them up. This can take a lot of discipline and confidence. So there are a lot of soft skills that can be of great advantage for a job as a housekeeper or room boy.

If you take a closer look at the job descriptions in the field of housekeeping, it quickly becomes clear that a job as a chambermaid or room boy is anything but one-sided. They work directly with the guest every day and even if there is not always personal contact, they are significantly involved in creating a feel-good atmosphere for hotel visitors and thus ensuring the long-term success of a hotel.

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