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Living in the United States of America is one of the greatest dreams of life for many Germans. Even in the lively hotel and catering industry, it is quite possible to find a job and move the center of your life to the other side of the Atlantic. However, this takes courage, patience, and a smart plan. It is not possible to emigrate to the USA just like that. Those who have found a job have to face fewer hurdles.

Working in the USA: The requirements

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In principle, a longer stay in the USA including a work permit is only possible if you have a corresponding visa. For that matter, there are different models in the USA that are individually suitable. Applying for a visa without having already found an employer is difficult. At most, the J1 visa can be offered for young people and students, but it allows a work stay of a maximum of one and a half years. The American Embassy provides information about various visa models and the corresponding requirements.

Employees have a good chance of obtaining a work visa for the USA, especially if their job search has already been successful. If you cannot use this option for yourself, there are only a few alternatives. There is the so-called “Green Card Lottery”, in which around 55,000 green cards are raffled annually and entitle the winners to enter the United States and live permanently. Of course, there is great interest in this, which is why it cannot work right away. However, if you want to pursue the dream of emigrating for years, you can try your luck year after year. Interested parties can find out about the latest figures and how to participate at It is also important that participants meet certain requirements. If this is not the case, it is not possible to try your luck.

Considerations before starting your career

Of course, it’s exciting and exciting to think about living in the USA. A career in the hospitality industry can also be very promising because according to statistics, annual sales have risen steadily in recent years. So there are actually enough restaurants and hotels that are expanding due to their stable economic situation and are looking for new employees.

But emigration is not only associated with working in a new environment, but also getting used to a completely new culture. The USA is one of the world’s largest economic powers and local life is shaped by Western values. However, there are definitely differences to life in Germany, which is why interested parties should inform themselves in detail. Not only the mentality can vary from state to state, but also the social environment, safety, and medical care. About the social system, emigrants have to be aware of the fact that there is no statutory health insurance network in the USA like there is in Germany. In many cases, employees can take out insurance through the company they work for. This has the advantage that monthly contributions are slightly lower.

One question that future emigrants should also ask is where they want to live in the USA. After all, the United States is huge, and from high-level murders to the southern states, the environment is very diverse. Often Germans do not even know in which state they will feel most comfortable and have difficulty deciding on a destination. It is therefore only advisable to study the United States in detail before emigrating and to undertake tours. During a trip, it is advisable not only to use classic tourist offers but also to talk to the local people and employers. This enables a comprehensive view of the catering and hotel industry and can also facilitate the search for a job.

Find a job in the USA

As mentioned above, the easiest way to obtain a US living visa is when the applicant can show an employer. There are basically several options here.

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Working for a hotel chain that also operates in the USA can make a lot of sense. Moving to a house in one of the fifty states is then much easier. The current employer can also apply for the relevant visa and significantly increase the chances of acceptance. Anyone who is toying with emigration to the USA in the long term should therefore pay attention to whether this option is available when choosing an employer in Germany. Many employers are happy when motivated employees are also interested in a career in the USA. This can be discussed in the interview. If you underline your wish with the right body language, have good English skills, and are patient, you may soon be able to move to the USA.

The second option is to search and Fin that of an employer who operates exclusively in the USA.

This is of course a little more difficult, but not impossible. Some many restaurants and hotels look forward to interested specialists from Germany, as they not only have the German employee mentality but also speak a valuable foreign language. To find a job in the USA, however, it usually takes a trip. It is also important for employers in the United States to get to know their future employees personally and to find out during a job interview whether there can be a future together. In this case, interested parties will have to invest both time and money in their dream before emigrating the USA project can be implemented.

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