Create a CV and find a job yourself?

This article will teach you how to write a CV yourself without the help of advisers, which keywords will increase views and which websites are best to use for design. Recently, a lot of consultants have appeared offering to help you write a “selling” resume for a modest fee and you can buy a resume. This phenomenon is not accidental and is quite natural, because the labor market does not please us with the growth of vacancies and salaries.

And for obvious reasons, desperate job seekers bring the last money to these “trainers”, counselors, or just banal scammers. But none of the “resume writers” even think that the epithet “selling” is rather negative. The purpose of resumes do not sell, and help the employer and job seeker to find each other. During the interview, you can sell your professional experience and knowledge if you think it is relevant.

A set of keywords increases views

Now I suggest you start writing your CV and for that take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Yes, don’t be surprised, we won’t be using a computer yet. The computer is such a thing that any job seeker would be tempted to mindlessly copy its functionality from one job to another. Look at a white sheet of paper and write down the keywords you will use to search for a job and the same keywords the employer will probably use to find you by typing them into a search engine.

For example, let’s say you are looking for a job as a sales executive in corporate services. In this case your keywords might be: “sales”, “negotiation”, “B2B”, “tenders”, “base”, “clients”, “training”, “recruitment”, “reporting”, “training”, “meeting”, “startup”… These words, woven into the text of your CV, will actually act as a hashtag. The golden rule – the more keywords in the text of your resume, the more views it will get.

One resume – one position

Next we choose the position for which we will apply. Stick to the rule – only one position in your resume header. If you are, for example, considering positions such as sales manager or sales trainer, it makes sense to create a separate resume for each of these positions, with a unique set of keywords in the text.

The number of jobs you can effectively perform listed in the header of your CV will alert the recruiter and give the impression that you are urgently needed for almost any job. Moreover, this CV is more likely to attract the attention of those employers who find it difficult to close their vacancies due to objective (salary below market) or subjective (attitude towards employees) reasons.

Chronology and experience

If you’re still holding the sheet in front of you, it’s time to remember the chronology of your professional experience: dates, companies and positions. Remember, employers will be wary of long interruptions in your career, homogenous job descriptions at every job and drastic changes in your field. Try to include more keywords in your job description, tasks and achievements. For example, if you work in a mechanical engineering company as a CNC machine operator, be sure to include machine brands, software control names, tolerances and metals.

Even if the names of machines and racks did not change at different places of work, it still makes sense to specify them in the description twice, but in one case the original sound, and the equivalent in Russian: “In the company Radar worked on the machines HASS FANUC rack. At Vimpel Ltd. also worked on HASS FANUC rack machines”. From now on, no matter how the recruiter wrote the name of the machine tool in the search engine, in Russian or in English, your CV will come up in both cases. By the way, the name of the company also plays a huge role, if your track record includes large and well-known employers, be sure to include their names in your experience.

A propos – as the French say

Do you know what the most interesting and readable part of a CV is? It’s what you write at the end of your CV, post scriptum so to speak. This creative part is in great and standard form on any job search website. We recruiters read it and with great interest. Unfortunately, jobseekers in the former Soviet Union have not learned to write it creatively enough. Basically everyone lists their achievements in a standard form. You always have the opportunity to write a little about yourself, your experience, motivation and expectations. Don’t neglect this opportunity.

Make an original design

Let’s get to the computer to design your CV. There are now many services for creating a good design CV, but I personally still like There are a huge number of free but nevertheless noticeable and handy templates there.